Post Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:28 pm

The FUNNIEST zombie moment

We were in the second zombie weekend at Ravenwood Castle. We were still pretty early in the proceedings in that quite a few humans were still human. It was Friday and the teams of humans were dashing out into the night in search of the severed arm :( which the zombies had hidden (quite well, I might add). A group of humans were hold up in the castle at the main doors looking out through the small glass panels at the zombies.

The zombies were leaning up against the doors and making their usual zombie noises but it was quite effective for all that. One pair of humans in particular felt the need to lean into the doors from their side despite the fact that the doors were locked.

After a while the zombies disappeared. :?

The man and his wife were discussing whether to venture out when a few zombies returned and started into the leaning and moaning again. The woman now had a worried look on her face. She was peering left and right through the glass but could only see three zombies.

She stepped back suddenly and said, "I think this is a trap. There's only a couple zombies out there. I'll bet the rest of them have gone around and are coming in through another door."

At that PRECISE moment we could hear the creak, creak, creak of SOMEONE--or SOMETHING--coming up the stairs :o and then, sure enough, a zombie came around the corner and started toward the main entrance. The woman screamed and the two of them RAN UP THE STAIRS to their room so fast it reminded me of cartoon mice scrambling away from a hungry cat. The door SLAMMED shut to their room and they didn't come out again for several hours.

The funny thing was we heard the husband reassuring his wife earlier (because she was just a little spooked by the way the evening had gone) that "Just remember, it's not real. The zombies aren't real," but by the way they BOTH dashed up the stairs you couldn't tell which of them was running faster.

That is EXACTLY the kind of guest you want at a zombie weekend!!! :D