Post Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:36 pm

The Werewolf of Ravenwood Castle

During the Nov. 1-2 zombie weekend one of the guests asked if he could be a werewolf on Saturday night. Now, this is the kind of request I'm always happy to grant because it shows the guests are having FUN :D and this first werewolf did very well, jumping out of the trees and scaring the CRAP out of people.

No clue was given that there was a werewolf out there save one or two questions asked of the castle staff about the rumors going about that night.

In short, it was a complete success. The humans had to make a night search each night and as more zombies were "recruited" it meant everyone was out there at night at one time or another, trapped in their cars or hiding in one of the cottages or searching for the elusive body parts. The zombies, of course, were out in force and the werewolf had scared everybody.

So the second weekend I decided to recruit a werewolf and turned to David Kiessling. The Kiesslings are one of our best veteran teams. Their daughter Kyra has been to one mystery and I had used her artwork for the Kelleys Island zombie show so Dave was a natural pick.

And there we were on week two. The cheerleader with a brain was coordinating zombie ambushes with the Glicks and a number of talented and enthusiastic zombies. If you've ever been to the castle you know it can get very creepy outdoors after dark. You're in the Hocking Hills on a forested hilltop and there's very little light to be had. You might as well be in a horror film!

Barb and I were scouting along the perimeter of the trees, our flashlights and our ears alert for zombies when all of a sudden you hear these SCREAMS :shock: and a burst of mad HOWLING erupting on the far side of the castle! It was absolutely crazy!!! That went on for several hours. Once, when we were in the woods on the back side of the castle we saw Kiessling running across the grass toward the cottages. Some time later a new wave of screams and howls broke from that part of the grounds and you knew the Werewolf of Ravenwood Castle had struck again!

All of this is unpredictable, of course and there's no way to script this kind of madness into some kind of theatrical production. It happens because we have the best audiences in the mystery world, period, and I am pleased beyond words to be a part of it all. So the next time Turner Classic Films is running The Wolfman . . . well, maybe you should watch it again. Just in case! ;)